Scintillation Crystals

Lanthanum bromide (LaBr3:Ce) crystal

Lanthanum bromide (LaBr3:Ce) crystal

Type:Scintillation Crystals

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Product description

Cerium doped lanthanum bromide  (LaBr3:Ce)  crystals are excellent scintillation crystals with a density of 5.1g/cm3 and a light yield of 68,000photons/MeV (1.6 times the size of NaI) with an energy resolution of 2.8% for 662keV and a attenuation time of 16ns. This material is easy to be deliquescent, must be encapsulated in the crystal material before it can be used. At present, lanthanum bromide is mainly used in the situation of nuclide identification, radiation detection and other high energy resolution requirements. Lanthanum bromide crystals have a natural radioactive background. On the one hand, due to the natural background of La-138, the energy spectrum shows a peak at 1426keV, where the background cannot be removed. In addition, due to the actinide elements in raw materials, there is a particle emission peak in the middle of 1.7MeV-4MeV in the energy spectrum. The actinide background can be reduced by reducing the content of actinide elements in raw materials, and the optimal actinide background can achieve 0.02cps/cc at present.
At present, we can batch grow lanthanum bromide crystals of 1 ", 1.5 "and 3" diameter in common sizes, and also can batch customize crystal materials of unusual sizes according to customer needs.



Medical equipment
Homeland security
Oil logging
High energy physics
Deep space exploration


Fig. 1 An energy spectrum of LaBr3:Ce @662keV

Fig. 2 Background of LaBr3:Ce exposed in air
物理性能 Physical Properties 指标 Specs
光产额 Light yield[% of NaI(Tl)] (γ-rays) 165
最佳能量分辨率 Best energy resolution [%] @ 662 keV 2.8%
最大发光波长 Maximum luminescence wavelength [nm] 380
折射率 @ 最大发光 Refractive index @ maximum luminescence ~1.9
衰减时间 Attenuation time [ns] 16
光输出 Light output [photons/keV] 63
密度 Density [g/cm3] 5.08
潮解 Hygroscopic Yes