Enterprise vision - committed to become the leading provider of new materials and application technology in the world.


In strategic positioning

Company is committed to to become a world-class leather supplier, integrated marketing, technology, service, management and culture of comprehensive resources and advantages, build customer service & mdash; & mdash; product development mdash; provide system solutions for the core of the organization of the machine structure, implementation to meet the personalized service based competition strategy, to achieve the company to become the first brand of domestic industry, occupy the highest market share and has a strong international competitiveness of the strategic objectives.

In the training of staff

Companies adhere to the “ to Germany for the first, give full scope to the talents ” principles and management philosophy.  corporate identity, self-identity, harmony together ” as employees of a common code of conduct, the formation of the to &ldquo, equality, justice, innovation, democracy & rdquo; is the basic connotation of Organizational Ethics professionalism, communication, self-discipline & rdquo; as the basic connotation of leading public opinion, enhance staff's sense of responsibility, communication skills and coordination skills, promote team spirit, to achieve the & ldquo; development enterprise development people & rdquo; human resource management objectives.

Our dream is

“ for the industry to bring progress ” and “ to create, share the results ” for the core, to create a cooperative enterprise, technology enterprise, innovation enterprise. Strengthen the organization, improve the organization efficiency, activate the organization, and activate the staff.. Production of first-class products, to provide first-class service, cast a first-class brand, first-class talent, to create first-class enterprise, make a first-class contribution.

Our guiding principle is

People-oriented, honest & rdquo; business ethics and & ldquo; leading technology & rdquo; scientific spirit, seeking industry progress, for the society create value, makes the contribution for the national, strive for the development and well-being of their employees, to provide high quality technical services and high-tech products for customers, to promote the development of customers.